Knex is one of the few globally recognized experts in Oracle Cloud Applications that has successfully implemented projects in multiple industry segments and across multiple Oracle Cloud Application pillars.

We have had successful implementations with over 20 companies in just the last 3 years and our client list is growing across multiple industry segments from Automotive, Consumer Goods, Financial Services, Healthcare, Life Sciences, Pharmaceutical, Media & Entertainment, Higher Education, Telecommunications to High Tech and Professional Services segments. We can provide references upon request.

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solutions implemented


In the automotive segment we recently worked with an innovative company that is a leader in leveraging 3D printing technology and unique materials to build and customize high performance cars. They had unique business and process challenges. Knex implemented multiple Oracle Cloud Application modules from finance to procurement and supply chain management. We did this with minimal disruption to their day-to-day operations.

Interpretation & Translation Services

Our projects in this segment was one our most challenging and complex implementations. We took on this project due to a special request by senior management from Oracle. Since it was a very complex project, Oracle felt we were one of the few who had the capability to implement it. There were unique challenges especially due to variety of needs, data volume, validation, information security, billing accuracy and performance. We solved these major issues and continue to provide services for this client.

life sciences

In the Life Sciences segment we have implemented multiple projects with clients who provide healthcare, community and support services especially to less privileged part of our society. We are honored to be working with these clients and take special care to make sure our projects support the core social mission of these clients. We continue to service many of these clients.

financial services

Knex has implemented Oracle Cloud Applications for multiple clients in the last few years and understand the needs and nuances of this industry. We were able to adapt Oracle Cloud Applications to their industry-specific needs by creating unique extensions.

consumer goods

In the consumer segment we worked with clients who are innovating in the health, frozen and dessert food segments. As a startup in the high growth and rapid global expansion phase, they needed strategic advice, unique solutions, minimal disruption and customized support and training. Knex implemented multiple Oracle Cloud Application modules from finance to procurement, supply chain management and manufacturing. We also created and implemented unique extensions that work seamlessly with Oracle Cloud Applications, to monitor business transactions with their trading partners using Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).

Media & Entertainment

We have worked with a number of clients in the entertainment industry, especially in the southern California region. Knex has implemented multiple modules from Financials, Purchasing, Enterprise Performance Management to Human Capital Management and Payroll. We also created extensions for union-based time entry, pre-processing of payroll and production accounting that is unique to this industry. These solutions work seamlessly with Oracle Cloud Applications, to service their unique needs.