Blueprint 4D – Dallas, TX

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May 07 - May 11, 2024
Join KNEX as we prepare to host a booth at the upcoming Blueprint 4D Conference. Long-term success depends on our ability to navigate this evolving terrain by revolutionizing our workforce, processes, technology, and strategies to thrive in the digital age. BLUEPRINT 4D in 2024 is meticulously crafted to empower Oracle clients to future-proof their organizations. With an impactful opening keynote and six dynamic programs tailored to JD Edwards, PeopleSoft, and Oracle Cloud users, BLUEPRINT 4D serves as the epicenter for insights, innovation, and community building, featuring esteemed guest speakers, Oracle executives, and industry experts.

With an impactful opening keynote and 6 exciting programs in the works, BLUEPRINT 4D, hosted by the Quest Oracle Community, is where JD Edwards, PeopleSoft and Oracle Cloud customers come together for insights, innovation and community. Hear from a host of special guest speakers, Oracle executives and industry specialists.

Stop by our booth: #1008


One of the most important aspects of Fusion Applications implementation is business intelligence and reporting. While most implementations focus on data entry and process automation: very little time is spent on empowering business users to use reports. Oracle Fusion Applications offer a multitude of powerful reporting tools that can tap into the pre-built Fusion Analytics Warehouse for dashboards: transactional reporting as well as financial reporting.

The State of Montana went live with Fluid Job Data in August of 2023. Our goal was to simplify the job data transaction process utilizing the functionality provided with Fluid Job Data as well as keep up with the most current PeopleSoft technology. During this session we will touch on the planning considerations, documentation techniques, and configuration tools used in our successful implementation of Fluid Job Data. We will also discuss our lessons learned and other considerations that may be helpful for future Fluid Job Data implementations.

Cloud Computing already dominates the IT landscape. As Oracle Cloud adoption grows exponentially: a skills gap is also on the rise. Join Oracle ACE Director: Basheer Khan: as he introduces you the Oracle Cloud landscape: identifies skills that are in demand and provides a roadmap to bridge your skills gap. Whether you are an Oracle developer: database administrator: functional expert or manager: attend this presentation to understand how you can upgrade your existing skills to stay relevant in the Oracle Cloud Computing world.

Building standalone web applications or extensions for Oracle Fusion Applications can be a complex process: but Oracle Visual Builder with Oracle Redwood Design can help simplify it. In this presentation: Oracle ACE Director Basheer Khan: will cover the top 10 things you need to know about building with Oracle Visual Builder leveraging Oracle Redwood Design. From understanding the architecture to best practices for development and deployment: we'll provide you with the information you need to successfully build and implement your standalone Web Applications or Fusion Extensions.


Basheer Khan


Basheer Khan, founder and CEO of Knex Technology, brings over 34 years of expertise in information technology and enterprise architecture, particularly in Oracle Cloud applications. Having been recognized as one of only three Application ACE Directors globally, he was honored as Oracle's Integration Architect of the Year by Oracle Magazine. Basheer has shared insights on Oracle Cloud Applications & Technology as a prominent speaker at major conferences like Oracle CloudWorld.

Gustavo Gonzalez


Gustavo Gonzalez, Chief Technology Officer at KNEX Technology, possesses over 20 years of experience in implementing, developing, and supporting Oracle solutions. Holding the esteemed title of Oracle ACE Director, he stands among just three Application ACE Directors worldwide, underscoring his expertise and significant contributions to the Oracle community.