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Hand-in-hand we uncover how your organization works now and where it’s growing for the future. Piece by piece, end-to-end, we integrate your digital needs with time-proven Oracle Cloud Applications and Knex expertly-crafted products. We eliminate inefficiencies in your workstreams, allowing you to provide better experiences for your teams and customers.

Deep Oracle Expertise.
Broad Industry Experience.

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Knex is a seasoned team of elite Oracle experts curated by founder Basheer Khan, a globally recognized Oracle authority. For 30 years, we’ve developed proven solutions built on broad industry understanding. Beyond integrating systems with Oracle Cloud Applications, we elevate success leveraging additional products and applications to coordinate harmony within the complexity of organizations.

Coordinate Harmony with the Right Approach.

Quickly, simply, and cost-effectively access the applications, products, and integrations you need through one of our service approaches.

Rapidly implement Oracle Cloud Applications, migrate existing organizational applications and data to the cloud, and apply Knex developed extensions to streamline end-to-end use.
Get a comprehensive support package with ongoing Oracle Applications management, issue resolution, business process improvement and reporting, ongoing training, and Oracle quarterly software updates. Tiered and tailored to meet your needs.
Assess already implemented Oracle Cloud Applications. Identify incorrect setups and missing best practices, develop a digital transformation strategy, and provide a full picture of remediation and your return on that investment.
Using Oracle Integration Cloud Service’s extensive library of adapters to Oracle and third party products and applications, we can quickly, seamlessly, and cost effectively integrate all your enterprise data.
Fill functional gaps by leveraging Knex products or create new extensions using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure that seamlessly integrates with Oracle Cloud Applications.
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Certainty Meets Flexibility.

Oracle Cloud Applications combine the elasticity and utility of public cloud with the granular control, security, and predictability of on-premises infrastructure. Knex will show you how.

Unite your accounting, financial management, project management, and procurement functions for a wide organizational view.
Connect your logistics, ordering, and forecasting to reduce resource use and speed up workflow.
Model and plan across finance, HR, supply chain, and sales, streamline the financial process, and drive better decisions.
From recruit to retire, manage the people you work with to develop, foster and retain your growing workforce.
Empower your entire business to deliver exceptional experiences by nurturing customer relationships with a complete view of every interaction.
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Knex Built. Industry Proven.

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From property management to ecommerce, Knex products expand Oracle Application possibilities through purpose-built extensions for you.

Your Future Success.
Built on Our Past Ones.

We’re ready to share our hard-won industry understanding and proven systematic solutions.

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