Shape Your Future Now.

The future isn’t a mystery if we plan for it – starting with the right Knex service. Combining Oracle and industry expertise with proven products, we apply a research-driven understanding of your company’s current and future needs to shape your organization.

The Proof is in
the Results.

Shape Your Connections.
Piece by piece we connect all your data with Oracle Applications and time-tested integrations.
Shape Your Decisions.
With your systems linked and optimized, you can make decisions with a robust understanding of your entire organization.
Shape Your Partnerships.
Connections made visible open your world up to closer, more effective partnerships with your teams, vendors, collaborators – and most importantly your customers.

Find the Right
Service with Knex.

Choose from one of our five service approaches. Take the next step toward connecting your information with Oracle Applications paired with Knex’s time-proven products, recognized expertise, and extensive industry experience.

Rapidly Implement. Expertly Streamline.

Implementations start with decision making. Let Knex help you streamline your decision making by removing bottlenecks and accelerating the flow of organizational information using Oracle Cloud capabilities.

  • Assess Current Processes
  • Clarify Necessary Tasks
  • Design, Configure, Test, Repeat
  • Integrate Systems
  • User Acceptance Testing
  • Cutover, Go Live, and Stabilize

Regular Support Extraordinary Results.

Growing businesses require consistently reliable systems –reliability only possible with cyclical support sessions for maintenance, issue resolution, business process upgrades, knowledge transfer, and quarterly Oracle updates. Our Comprehensive Support Packages include:

  • Monthly Support Hours
  • Issue Reviews
  • Knowledge Transfers
  • Implementation Analysis
  • Quarterly Oracle Updates
  • Weekly Status Meetings

Elevate What You Already Have.

Sometimes digital transformation is elevating already implemented Oracle Cloud Applications. We offer up to 40 hours at a flat rate for identifying issues, strategizing remediation, and implementing solutions.

  • Identify Three to Five Issues
  • Develop Strategic Remediation Plan
  • Implement Solutions
  • User Acceptance Testing
  • Cutover, Go-Live, and Stabilize

Quick Results with a Library of Solutions.

Evolve your systems with Oracle adapters and third-party products from Oracle Integration Cloud Service’s extensive library.

  • Select Integrations
  • Determine Implementation Requirements
  • Build, Test, and Pilot
  • User-Acceptance Testing
  • Cutover, Go-Live, and Stabilize

Extend the Possibilities.

Fill functional gaps by configuring Knex products or creating new extensions that integrate seamlessly to extend Oracle Cloud Application capabilities.

  • Identify Gaps
  • Gather Requirements
  • Calibrate/Build, Install, and Test
  • Conference Room Pilot
  • User Acceptance Testing
  • Cutover, Go-Live, and Stabilize