Time-Tested Solutions.

Find out more about Knex’s industry expertise, time-tested solutions, and customer successes.

Lead with Results.

At Knex, growing some of the country’s leading financial service providers starts with results and works backward to build the infrastructure required for success simplified.

Modernize Data Management
Quickly implement specialized analytical functions as a better, more complete source of truth for your organization and clients.
Personalized and Compliant Interactions
Connect your customers with the right offerings, in the right channels, at the right moments – consistently, personally, and on time.
Align Talent to Business Strategies
Find, manage, and cultivate the talent you need to execute the business strategies you need to take now.

Let’s Get Creative.

Don’t let business get in the way – our media and entertainment clients make it part of their artform.

Streamline Production Accounting and Payroll
Estimate budgets, enter expenses, and process and execute payroll all in one place.
Optimize Production Efficiencies
Fuel profitability by shaping your decisions based on up-to-the-minute production-accounting insights and resource scheduling projections.
Evolve Crew Resourcing and Productivity
Simplify resource planning, vendor relations and contracting, onboarding and documentation, and personalize your production-crew relationships.

Science is About Making Connections.

Using Oracle Cloud Applications, we can help you make those connections within your own organization so you can make them with the rest of the world.

Plan and Adapt Resources
With the right tools at your fingertips, adapt your business and processes while managing outsourced manufacturing and global supply chain.
Build a Specialized Talent Pool
Expand your scientific capabilities; build, retain, and expertly leverage a highly capable, highly specialized talent pool.
CX / Shopping Cart
Strengthen Customer Connections
Give your sales and marketing teams the tools they need to develop stronger customer relationships.
Streamlining HR Services with Oracle Cloud Capabilities.
Case Study: Healthcare Staffing
Learn how Knex helped this healthcare staffing provider streamline their placement and documentation processes with Oracle Cloud.

The Future Starts with Understanding.

Knex can help you use your data to better care for your patients, support your team members, reduce your costs, and prepare for the future of healthcare.

Faster, Affordable, and More Secure Innovation
Healthcare is rapidly changing – Oracle Cloud gives you the freedom to securely scale and innovate without the sunk costs of physical infrastructure.
Personalize Customer Care
Understand the data behind every customer interaction so you can personalize ongoing communications that are consistent and relevant at every touchpoint.
Simplify Financial Planning and Reporting
Improve processes and gain control over data quality to understand cost-effective ways for your organization to meet the needs of the next generation of healthcare.

Revolutionize Your Possibilities.

No matter your company size, using Oracle Cloud Applications, Knex can help you reach the high efficiency and perpetual customer satisfaction required for modern manufacturing.

Demand Driven and Omnichannel Capable
Anticipate customer expectations in a world of blurry lines between supplier, manufacturer, and retail.
Streamline Production Cycles and Operations
Test production limits, navigate higher buyer expectations, follow fluctuating demand, enact new regulations, and keep up with shorter product life cycles.
Manage Costs and Variances
As manufacturing cycles tighten and excess inventory leans, manage fluctuating costs and smooth out variances with a complete financial understanding of your organization.
High Tech Manufacturing Gets High Tech Unified.
Case Study: High Tech Manufacturing
Find out how this high tech manufacturer united their global team and all business functions through one platform built on Oracle Cloud.

Be the Best with the Best.

You're in the business of serving other businesses and Knex knows how to build the infrastructure that puts you at the top of your game.

Expertly Manage Staffing and Assignments
Pair a cultivated workforce with projects, managing their resourcing and workflow between tasks, delivering results on-time, under-budget, and at the highest-caliber, every time.
Reduce Costs and Manage Risk
Adapt your business and processes for a nimble, collaborative approach to servicing your clients needs with an eye on resources and when to use them.
ERP / CX / Transaction History
Plan Growth and Ensure Success
Scaling your business takes a lot of foresight – the kind only possible when you truly understand your business’s past and your customer’s future.
I always appreciated Knex’s willingness to go the extra mile in understanding our business practices. Particularly when Knex modernized legacy customizations in our Oracle environment.
James Kent, CFO

Customers Demand the Perfect Delivery.

Your customers want full orders with the right products, in the perfect condition, delivered on-time, everytime. Knex knows what it takes.

Shopping Cart
Manage Flawless Delivery
Fulfill orders, ship automatically, and communicate with your customers every step of the way.
Optimize Customer Satisfaction
Keep tabs on the customer journey from promotions to digital experience and connect with them at the right time, in the right place.
Achieve Perfect Inventory Levels
Always have what your customers want with just the right amount of inventory.
Rapid Growth Demands Rapid Solutions.
Case Study: Wholesale Manufacturing
Check out how we helped a rapidly growing ice cream wholesale manufacturer quickly set up solutions to keep up with demand – and exceed market expectations.

Play the Long Game.

No matter how many properties you have now, Knex can help you plan for your empire by taking care of your buildings and tenants while reducing costs and increasing simplicity.

Property Manager
Optimize Properties for the Long-Term
Streamline your property management success with listing, leasing, billing, accounting, and maintenance all in one place.
Unify Financial and Operational Processes
Make better real estate investment and management decisions with real-time information and reporting access.
Understand Your Real Estate Lifecycle
Get a complete picture of your properties now and plan resources for the lifecycle trends of your assets.

Reap the Rewards of New Technologies.

Modern agriculture demands tools beyond the ones used in the fields; tools Knex can provide for sowing generations of prosperity.

Manage Growth, Collection, and Processing
Get control of your supply chain and grow, reap, and distribute the right crops at the right time.
Property Manager / SCM / EPM
Achieve Land, Supply Chain, and Distribution Efficiencies
Manage your land and how it’s used with long-term understanding as the driving force.
CX / Transaction History
Inform Marketing Decision Making
Leverage your historical data and insights to drive when you connect with your customers.