Investing in the Cloud: Best Practices for a successful adoption

It is inevitable to say that Oracle Cloud Applications allow companies to adopt the best standards for security, taking it to the next level with Oracle’s infrastructure.

Oracle’s cloud solutions have industry-standard third-party audit reports in formats such as SSAE 18: SOC 1 and SOC 2.

Oracle’s global network operation center comprises state-of-the-art physical data center protection, logical data security, and privacy protection policies. Among other advanced security options, I’d like to highlight Oracle Transparent Data Encryption to prevent unauthorized use of sensitive data; and Oracle Breakglass with Database Vault to provide additional controls over data and administrator access to prevent unauthorized use, views, or sharing of employee information.

With Oracle Cloud Applications, each customer has their own database instance in the cloud, including their own virtual network and isolated storage. Because of this architecture, there is no concern about noisy neighbors.

As Cloud Applications become, in many cases, not an IT matter, the responsibility for securing data can get overlooked, so the data and access as described in this article must be taken seriously with internal resources or a vendor that can guide to ensure compliance and minimize the risk.

With the correct level of access, you must ensure access controls, and role-based access control (RBAC) ideally with a federated single sign-on and a Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).

After the successful go-live of Oracle Cloud Applications, the organization must have a Standard Operational Procedure (SOP) for any activity performed in setups, such as changes in the configuration, profile options, or any action taken into the security console.

The goal is to mature to a state where data security is the responsibility of everyone in the organization, not just IT. This path must be taken in collaboration with executives and employees to establish security standards and a data governance framework.

Oracle Cloud Applications offer complete capabilities for tailoring and integrations into a single, unified suite. Restricting access to your application’s data is not the solution that will help your organization drive growth and innovation. Better security and governance are.

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