Knex Launches ACE Offering to Streamline Business

The words “streamline business processes” can often be a daunting phrase heard at work, but it doesn’t need to be!

Streamline Business ProcessThe words “streamline business processes” can often be a daunting phrase heard at work, but it doesn’t need to be! A little over 20 years ago, I had the opportunity to work with a consulting firm that implemented Oracle’s E-Business Suite. This was during the Y2k worries and a lot of companies needed to make a move or risk impending software shutdowns. After a few years (a few implementations and a few kids), I found a passion in helping people find more efficient ways to do their job. Today, with a good portion of us working from home, helping kids with school, and managing family expectations, doing our jobs efficiently is of utmost importance. We need to adopt processes that enable remote work and drive time savings and bottom-line results.

By understanding internal processes, risks and opportunities, you can enable your teams to reach their business goals sooner. So how do we get there?  We follow our ACE methodology:

Knex Ace Methodology

For example, a customer order fulfillment process may be replaced by automating and integrating systems that take orders directly from the customers. This way, there is no need for additional or time-consuming tasks like receiving, submitting and tracking orders. Streamlining would result to increased operational efficiency and financial return on investment (ROI).

The approach to maximizing your potential is to analyze the following 3 aspects – People, Process and Technology. Oracle Cloud Applications provides modern best practices to manage business processes with the least amount of required training time. By leveraging Oracle Cloud Software and Platform as-a-Service you can improve your business strategic plans and implement key business initiatives in a timely manner and mitigate risk.

So next the next time you are helping your child with 9th grade math and hear the phrase “streamline business processes”, contact us with the knowledge that you can take this opportunity to train your people, enable the right technology and streamline processes to reach maximum efficiency and achieve your business goals.

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