Knex Gig Worker

Empower Your Workforce, Simplify Operations

Seamlessly integrate Gig Worker Management with Oracle Cloud Applications and revolutionize the way you manage your contingent workforce. From recruitment to performance management and finance, our comprehensive solution has you covered.

Onboard top-tier talent seamlessly.

KNEX Gig Worker seamlessly integrates with Oracle Cloud Applications, streamlining gig worker management. It simplifies onboarding, reduces costs, and enhances service delivery. With centralized gig worker information and user-friendly portals, it empowers efficient job matching and management. Developed with Oracle standards, it offers a cost-effective solution for maximizing the potential of your gig workforce.

Optimize Gig Worker Operations Effortlessly.

Field Service
Skills, Available Shifts, Work Zone Coverage, Documents
Gig Workers
Recruitment and Onboarding, Contracts, Performance Management, Training/Knowledge
Payments, Incentive Calculation, Withholdings, Statements, Reports, Integration
Service, Field Service, Contracts, Incentive Calculation
Recruitment, Performance Managements, Onboarding, Training
Payments, Finance, Withholdings, Statements