Knex Transaction History

The Future of Archiving.

Archive historical data in the cloud, and seamlessly access it anytime through Oracle Applications without production, performance, and backup burdens.

Free the Future. Remember the Past.

Knex Transaction History lets you access company data on Oracle Cloud Applications without the slow speeds, backup blackouts, errors, and security threats that result from in-application data storage. On top of that, data from legacy and on-premise systems can be migrated to this cloud-based application for comparison, analysis, and reporting.

Keep Your Legacy Nearby.

Archive the past without losing sight of how you got here.

Centralize Your Past
Migrate historic transactions from past systems without costly conversion.
Secure Your Past
Cost effectively protect your data with cutting edge security features.
Access Your Past
Compare, analyze, and report archived data through a simple, Oracle-matching interface.
Streamline Your Past
Reduce Oracle Production to Test (P2T) wait times and be Oracle best-practices compliant.

Unburdened Future. Accessible Past.

Streamline these integrations with Knex Transaction History.

Oracle Procurement, Inventory, and Order Management
Archive data and still access long-term inventory trends without slowing you down.
Oracle Projects
Focus on today’s projects with an unburdened view on the past.
Oracle Receivable, Payables, and General Ledger
Securely archive financial information and easily fulfill compliance needs.
Oracle Contracts
Always have a contract on hand while keeping your system nimble.