Knex Property Manager

Simple and Streamlined Real Estate.

Day-to-day property management made easy with all tools in one place, effortlessly integrated with Oracle Cloud Applications.

Upgrade Your Properties Without Picking Up a Paintbrush.

Knex Property Manager seamlessly integrates with Oracle Cloud Applications, finally bringing your property solutions “under one roof.” From tenant management and building maintenance to inventory oversight and financial understanding, the day-to-day of long-term commercial property and land management is made easy.

Management Under One Roof.

Manage the easy way and maximize return on investment.

Effortlessly Manage Inventory
Understand asset inventory, track tenant occupancy, and coordinate listing and leasing.
Effectively Manage Tenants
Centralize rental billing and receiving, renew lease agreements, and automate rent increases.
Promptly Manage Maintenance
Stabilize long-term maintenance, establish care cycles, and reconcile common area costs.
Intuitively Manage Finances
Automatically interface tenant billing to financial systems, generate journal entries, and process expenses.

Combine Forces With These Oracle Applications.

Add these integrations to take Knex Property Manager to the next level.

Oracle Accounts Payable
Ensure prompt payments, analyze processing, and support cash management strategies.
Oracle Assets
Integrate your largest capital investments with automated business flows and centralized accounting rules.
Oracle Accounts Receivable
Streamline invoicing, receipt, and deduction processing while cultivating customer relationships.
Oracle General Ledger
Track all financial transactions and generate financial statements, including Income Statements and Balance Sheets.
Oracle Procurement
Simplify supplier contracting and management, reduce risk, increase savings, and enforce compliant spending.