Knex Shopping Cart

Online Commerce Done Right.

Make online shopping pleasurable with an intuitive interface and all the Oracle integrations necessary for a centralized ecommerce business.

A Good Way to Get Your Goods.

Knex Shopping Cart seamlessly integrates with Oracle Cloud Applications, centralizing your ecommerce needs and providing customers an easy-to-use website interface. From product showcasing and inventory control to payment processing and shipping execution, Knex Shopping Cart is the perfect place to coordinate growth for your online profit streams.

Measure Success From Your Customer’s View.

An intuitive, pleasurable end-to-end shopping experience is your greatest return on investment.

Intuitive Shopping Experience
Shopping is a pleasure with a simple-to-use interface, easy navigation, and advanced search capabilities.
Quick Checkout Process
Integrated inventory management and credit card processors make checkout straightforward.
Reliable Shipping and Handling
Orders are fulfilled and shipped with automatic customer communication the whole way.
Easy Repeat Business
Customer information is securely stored for repeat business and monthly subscriptions.

Combine Forces with These Oracle and Third-party Integrations.

Add these integrations to take Knex Shopping Cart to the next level.

Oracle Inventory Management
Consolidate disparate inventory tracking and control systems into a single, global inventory solution.
Credit Card Processors
Seamlessly integrate credit card processing for secure, trackable, billable, and accountable transactions.
Oracle Order Management
Accurately and efficiently manage customer orders across tailored, automated fulfillment processes.
Freight Carriers
Automatically package, ship, and track inventory through third-party carriers on a batched or placed-order basis.
Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse
Run a high-performance, highly available, and secure data warehouse while reducing administrative costs.